Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Student Work: iPad Paintings

Earlier in the year our Fine Art students visited the David Hockney exhibition at the RA and were inspired by painting on a mobile screen - so.. we thought we'd give it a go ourselves! Today the AS & A2 Fine Art students had great fun in their lessons creating artworks using the Brushes app on the new iPads. Students loved the built in video where you can see exactly how your picture unfolded as you drew it. The possibilities are endless and it is great for the students to use it as a digital sketchbook where they can literally show how they created a piece of art! Check out the video below by artist David Kassan - you will be amazed by how the artwork unfolds. There is also a great Flickr group showing artwork created solely using Brushes (which of course features our fabulous students artwork too!)

You can view A2 Fine Art's iPad paintings here and see a selection of some of the beautiful work produced below by students Shakeela Kennedy & Laura Bennett - enjoy!

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