Thursday, 4 December 2014

PANTO! Alice in Wonderland

Coulsdon Sixth Form College's annual pantomime 'Alice in Wonderland' is coming soon.

The show has been produced in collaboration between the Performing Arts, Dance and Visual Arts students.  The resulting production will be shown 3 times, to local primary schools, staff and students.

Pictures to follow.........

Monday, 13 October 2014

A2 Photography: Variations on a theme

Over the next few weeks we post the work of our A2 photography group, who are creating a range of outcomes based on the 'Enhanced Image.'

This series of photographs will develop their understanding of digital and darkroom photography and expand their skills in traditional and contemporary materials, techniques and technology.

We start with the digital image.

AS Photography: Cameraless Photography

Coulsdon Sixth Form AS Photography students have been busy!

At the start of the AS Photography course students were asked to produce a range of prints inspired by their surroundings, personal life and the everyday.

We are very impressed with the range and quality of outcomes produced and are proud to present some of their work here and all of it on our FLIKR page here:


BTEC L3 Hever Castle Visit

Every year the BTEC L3 Art and Design courses take a trip to a major tourist destination as part of their first terms studies. This trip provides the students with a wide range of first hand primary observational material; but is also invaluable in bonding the students together, giving them the confidence to explore and discover as a group.

This year we visited historic Hever Castle in Kent. Hever is known for its stunning 13th century castle and surrounding landscaped grounds that host jousting, arts and crafts fairs and a range of children's activities.

Hever certainly did not disappoint, with its students and staff inspired by the beautifully set gardens and tudor age arts ad crafts.  

This trip will now provide all the material needed for the students first projects in Fine Art, Textiles and Graphics.

Thank you Hever, for the memories!

Monday, 7 July 2014

Bite the Ballot: The movie!

Coulsdon Sixth Form College BTEC L3 students have been busy converting graphics ideas into exciting animated Gifs.

As part of a recent Bite the Ballot project some BTEC L3 students have made animated Gifs for Bite the Ballota not for profit organisation that empowers young people to speak.  All the work needed to be targeted to young people and to communicate the message that they need to be counted and make informed decisions at the ballot box.

Hannah Waters

Thi Pham

Thi Pham

Emma Reynell Boyd

There are many other reactions to this theme and project on our Flickr page here: 

Thursday, 3 July 2014


Coulsdon BTEC students Bite the Ballot!

Coulsdon College's BTEC L3 Extended students were asked o create a campaign to attract young people to vote and have an opinion.  The campaign included posters, adverts, billboards, stickers, t-shirts and web banners.

They were inspired by the messages and meanings in a range of other designers work, seen in the Jamie Reid inspired piece above and interpreted their work when producing their own ‘Bite the Ballot’ campaign.

Some made reference to the current political parties, while others used animation to invite young people to find out more.

BITE THE BALLOT is a UK Political Party neutral movement that empowers young voters and can be viewed at:

There are many other reactions to this theme and project on our Flickr page here:

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Design your future

Our BTEC L3 students have been once gain out and about, this time at the UCAS event Design your future.

This is an amazing opportunity for our students to sample a range of pathways that could shape their futures and speak to the Universities they are thinking of applying to.