Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Inspiration: Sian Xeng

Sian Xeng is a Textile Designer who has created an array of wonderful things, from fabrics and wallpapers to illustrated stuffed bears and we think her work is fantastic! We particularly like her magnetic wallpaper (above) which can be customised and played with, she describes the work as.... 

“Inspired by the changeable nature of fairy tale stories, where frogs can suddenly become princes and princes can become frogs, this work is concerned with visual narratives that can be altered through interaction. I have created a collection of narrative wallpapers that allow users to move magnetic characters on the wallpaper, write on the speech bubbles and place them anywhere they like." Sian Xeng

Her work is playful, fun and beautifully illustrative - be sure to check out her full portfolio it's amazing! 

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