Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Inspiration: Wear Palettes

image from Wear Palettes

If you're at the stage in your project where you need to come up with a colour palette 'Wear Palettes' will provide great inspiration! They take pictures of street fashion and create palettes from what people are wearing - you could do the same thing! Find a picture that inspires you and use it to make your own set of colours. This palette below was created by Design For Mankind from an image by Aaryn West (a great resources for current trends in colour and pattern) I love the way the colours selected are in triangles rather than rectangles or squares!

You could use a colour palette generator or investigate ways of creating palette's in Photoshop, there's a tutorial for one way of doing that here. Here's an example of a palette I made from the Batik Project still life in Photoshop using the eyedropper tool and the rectangle tool.

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