Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Exhibition: Origin and Tent

Each year the Crafts Council host 'Origin' a craft event that showcases the amazing work of designer/makers for across the globe, with the ethos that the objects for sale are 'made not manufactured'. It is well worth a visit to see these amazing handmade objects. It's worth investigating whose showing before you go so you can make sure you find them once your there. Some of my personal favourites are Ekta Kaul, Nina Fuhrer, Annie Neill and Muir & Osbourne. You can also see pictures from last years event here.

If you are visiting Origin you might as well visit it's partner show Tent which showcases design objects with everything from art to furniture. Also remember this is all taking place as part of the London Design Festival so check the listings to see what else is on nearby!

When: 22nd-28th September 2011
Cost: Single ticket £10/8 Multi ticket £15/12

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