Monday, 26 September 2011


A new exhibition of Gerhard Richter's paintings is taking place at Tate Modern from 6th Oct to coincide with the artists 80th birthday. Panorama is a new major retrospective exhibition that groups together significant moments of the painters career. It includes realist paintings based on photographs such as the famous 'Betty, 1988', gestural abstractions such as the squeegee paintings, subtle landscapes, colour charts and glass constructions.

Since the sixties, Gerhard Richter has immersed himself in a rich and varied exploration of painting. Panorama presents Richter's most ambitious abstract paintings from his 1974 colour chart containing 4096 different coloured squares, to his 20m long 'Stroke' of 1980, to the richly coloured 'Forest' squeegee paintings of 1990 and culminating in the beautiful six-part series 'Cage' from 2006 on long loan to Tate Modern. The exhibition is curated by Tate Director Nicholas Serota and is one not to be missed!

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