Monday, 26 September 2011

Artist creates masterpiece on an iPad!

Artist David Kassan paints his life models using a simple App called Brushes. The short video above shoes Kassan using a variety of virtual brushes. You can watch the painting take shape from blank screen to a finished piece from about 6mins. Kassan is not the first artist to use the iPad for his work. David Hockney has been converted too! So much so that in Jan 2011 at the RA, Hockney will be showcasing his first ever iPad landscapes (See image below!)

"The iPad is a very new medium for artists, but it has certain things about it that are quite fantastic. One of them is speed with which you could establish colour, palette, faster than any other medium I have ever come across." [David Hockney, Metro] 

Using an iPad as an artist brings you new freedom with your materials and if any of you want to have a go and don't have one at home then ask Kirsty (Who might let you use hers if you ask nicely!)

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