Monday, 11 July 2011


I've just found this great free arts membership for 16-25 year olds at the Barbican called freeBfreeB gives young people like you the chance to get hold of thousands of free tickets at the 'coolest arts place in London' (Viktor & Rolf). As a freeB member you will enjoy access to free tickets for theatre, art, music, film and dance. Plus loads of special offers and discounts too!

After joining you can log-in to freeB and browse events online to see what free tickets are available, and select up to two free tickets for each performance. When you register it takes you through a payment confirmation but don't worry it's all free!

Your membership card will look something like this:
Make sure you print it out as it will be your temp card until you receive yours in the post!

They also have a facebook page which you can check out here. Once the offers are up they go fast so make sure you check regularly and don't miss out on Basement Jaxx like me!

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