Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A life in miniature

Quirky French snapper Vincent Bousserez has created a vast selection of pictures of miniature plastic people carrying out day-to-day activities. Vincent came up with the 'Plastic Life' series following a trip to a miniature model shop four years ago: "I stared at them thinking, I should choose one and shoot him in different places, in different situations. And I did."

Vincent carries the mini characters around with him at all times so he can take a shot when an idea springs to mind. The self-taught photographer added: "I take them on holiday, I take them everywhere. I could be anywhere and see stuff around me and the inspiration just comes naturally." Once he has an idea, Vincent spends 20 to 30 minutes capturing it on camera.

His collection of 80 photographs has been exhibited in three shows in Paris and received rave reviews in the arts world. 'Plastic Life' tells witty tales of vanity, substance and gluttony that, despite their strangeness we can't help but like them.

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