Friday, 12 October 2012

A2 Textiles: Exhibition Leaflet Part I

The following post is for our A2 Textile students lesson

You have been asked to collect 30 images to get started on your exhibition leaflet. To save you printing out each of these images we're going to create a virtual collection in the format of a pinboard using pinterest. Follow the instructions below to get started....

Pinning from your own laptop/computer: In the video I showed how to install the 'pin it' button on safari. If you have trouble installing it check which browser you're running and watch the appropriate video:

Once your set up you should follow us (Coulsdon Visual Arts Pinterest) on Pinterest! 

1. LOOK: On the board you will find 'pins'. Look for the ones with your name next to them - these are works by artists/designers that I thought may be relevant for you to research following our one to one in last Fridays lesson. 

2. RE-PIN: Find the images I have suggested for you and re-pin the ones you think you would like to investigate further 

3. 3W: Each time you 'pin' an image you should annotate it using the 3W's...

WHO is the work by and what is it called? 
WHAT materials/techniques have they used? 
WHY have you chosen to look at it? i.e. what do you like about it! 

4. FIND: Find and pin your own images - start by pinning work you've already looked at for your project! After that continue you could look at our boards here or here, browse pinterest using the search box or check out some of the websites below which are full to the brim with inspiring stuff! 

Next lesson we will begin to curate (edit) your collection of images into separate boards developing 'themes'/'rooms' for your exhibition leaflet.

If you enjoy using pinterest you could create additional boards to gather imagery for your practical work! 

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