Monday, 28 November 2011

Inspiration: David Mach

David Mach is best known for his awesome (and rather frightening) life-sized sculptures which use everyday objects including coat hangers, bricks, matches and magazines. Those of you who went on 'The City' trip will remember seeing his giant gorilla Silver Streak at the V&A. Each coat hanger has been carefully shaped and moulded to represent the animal body. Mach doesn't alter the appearance of each coat hanger which gives the sculptures a soft, warming feeling, almost like fur.

"I don't make work out of bronze. I'm doing it with this unlikely, naff material because coat hangers are something you don't give a second thought to. It's getting to another audience. You're not talking to the guy who loves art; you're trying to reach people who would rather set you on fire and chuck you in the river than pay attention to what you do." [Telegraph Jan 2011]

Take a few minutes to check out the rest of his work - you will be blown away with the talent, determination and commitment to each piece.


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