Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Get Involved!

Old New Borrowed Blue Gallery
Anthony Jones, Outrage! 'Wedding' 1990s

Old New Burrowed Blue is an ongoing project run by the Photographers Gallery aiming to collect wedding photographs and stories from around the world and through the decades and they want you to get involved!

Share your family photos from across the generations! Pair up with someone older or younger than you and pass on the story behind the image. What photo will you choose? maybe you parents? your great grandparents? Maybe your brother or sister! What story will you tell? Once you've selected a photo upload it along with your story to the website and you will see them featured in the gallery

The gallery is really interesting and shows a great range of different images and stories - sometimes the story behind the image is what really makes it interesting like the Photograph above was taken in the 1990s at a demonstration protest by Outrage! who where drawing attention to the fact that at the time single-sex relationships were not recognised in the law. The demonstration took the form of a 'wedding' where two gay/lesbian couples got married and then went to a registry office to register their relationship - only to be turned away. 

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