Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Inspiration: CD packaging

Here's a few examples of some of my favourite CD/record packaging. I've found the examples using Sleevage - a great site dedicated to showcasing great CD Cover and Packaging design.

The Shins 'Chutes Too Narrow' by Jesse LeDoux

The Shins 'Chutes Too Narrow' designed by Jesse LeDoux is a fantastic example of great packaging - so good it was nominated for a Grammy in 2003 for best recording packaging. You can see more images of the inlay on Sleevage.

Beck 'The Information' by Beck

Beck 'The Information' designed by Beck himself is unusual as it came as a blank grid with a random set of stickers so that listeners could design their own inlay. You can see a great range of examples created by fans here and here as well as on Sleevage.

Pinebender 'Too Good To Be True' Andy Mueller

Pinebender released a similar album cover to that of Beck, although they were the first to do so back in 2003. The album came with a small notepad and a small lead pencil so that you could draw your own cover, there's more information about the packaging on Sleevage.

The cd packaging for band ALB designed by Emilie Vast is based on an old 45" record player the 'Univox Mange-Disque'. The cost of packaging an album in this way is discussed briefly on Sleevage, along with a few examples of what an the record player it's based on looks like. As well as amazing packaging the album also comes with 12 'album' style covers for each of the 12 tracks on the album - all of which can be seen on the animated gif above from the bands website

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