Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Listen to these shows!

In this BBC radio 4 programme Adil Ray looks at British life through the lens of contemporary photographers in a new series called Picturing Britain. In the first interview Adil talks to renowned Tim Walker, one of the UK's most influential photographers, as he creates one of his dramatic sets. Listen here as Adil enter's Tim's dream world to look at the impact he has on British design and beauty.

In episode 2 Adil meets Andy Fallon, a music photographer whose authentic style enlivens Britain's music magazines and newspapers. His wife Elle was also a music photographer, but she has left behind the mud of Glastonbury and crush of concerts, to take classic, black and white portraits of bumps and babies. Adil hears how women, four weeks before their birth, no longer hide in tent shaped clothes but celebrate the beauty of their changing bodies.

Listen here to episode 3 where Adil takes to the banger racing track! He goes to an evening just outside Eastbourne with documentary photographer Chloe Dewe Mathews as she works on her latest project: following lady banger drivers as they prepare for their first race. I've always been a bit skeptical about photography on the radio but radio 4 is proving me wrong. There's 2 more show left, it'd be great if you listened to them live and fed back to Kate or Jess about the show afterwards. It's really nice to get a chance to talk about issues and different aspects of photography on the radio - Kirsty

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