Tuesday, 27 September 2011

A2 Reflections

A2, here is the link for the Central Saint Martins MA animation students transcriptions videos we looked at in lesson last week. Just to remind you all, the pieces came from a live brief with the National Gallery which involved producing a short film inspired by the gallery's collection. One to watch is Hannes Stummvol, whose graduation film 'La Messicole' was inspired by Paul Gauguin's Harvest: Le Pouldu (1890). With a painterly aesthetic created through digital tools, it features a girl called Chloe daydreaming during the wheat harvest and explores the boundaries between fantasy and reality, work and play, visual arts and music, wheat and poppies. There is nothing wrong with enjoying an artist's work and reflecting a final piece upon it. Watch some of the animations through again to help you get that balance right and become inspired with the modern interpretations you are creating.

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