Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Jake or Dinos Chapman?

For the past year, Jake and Dinos Chapman have been working in separate studios to produce a series of works in isolation from each other. As artists working together they have always discussed, debated, argued and occasionally fought over creative and cultural ideas. This exhibition is their chance to confront the whole idea of creative collaboration. Only when the pieces were to be put together in the space would they become aware of what each other had created.

"We're not trying to produce a unified sovereignty. We're not interested in the similarities between our interests, but the divergences. This show will be an exemplar of that. Catastrophic, maybe, but we'll see."

None of the work is labelled as Jake or Dinos which makes the viewer attempt to see through the varying styles to attribute them to one or the other. The process is made difficult by the styles and themes which, as you'd expect, have huge similarities. The mannequins (seen above) dressed in Nazi uniforms with smiley faces instead of Swastikas could have been made by either or both?

The exhibition is on until 17th Sep 2011 at Mason's Yard and Hoxton Square White Cube Galleries.

See if you can work out which Chapman brother produced what here.

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