Thursday, 30 June 2011

New Designers

So last night myself (Kirsty) & Claire attended the private view of Part 1 New Designers - so much talent all under one roof at the Business Design Centre in London. New Designers showcases the work of the freshest talent from 200 of the UK's top design institutions all in a bid to start their professional careers.

Additionally, New Designers hosts 'one year on' which showcases a specially selected group of designers whose work has had significant improvement since graduating last year. My close friend Sadie Chesterman-Bailey was lucky enough to be awarded this honour and by 8:00pm last night already sold four pieces! One year on regularly attracts the attention of retail buyers, stylists and galleries and remains the highlight of New Designers so make sure you go look at this whilst your there.

 We had a really good time (whilst sipping free cocktails) and got the chance to speak to some people about their work and check out what other institutions are up too. Applied Art it will make you realise how competitive design is and make you inspired for your Summer project. Don't be afraid to chat to the graduates about their work.

If you're keen to discover more here's our top picks:

Sarah Louise Tanser , Lucy Baxendale, Rebecca Hill, Jessica Long, Nicola Keir,  Megan Parry, Caroline Brown, Ashleigh Williams, Lucy Jane Foakes, Rosemary MilnerCharlie Divall, Damien Barlow, Clare Munro, Serena Oneill and Elizabeth Addyman.

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