Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Laura White

In my final year at Goldsmiths I was lucky enough to have the talented Laura White as my tutor and her new work is fantastic! Laura explores the language of sculpture by using a range of different materials from everyday objects to constructed matter. She is interested with the 'stuff' of the world, from the readymade to the handmade, image to objects, the representational to the abstract, playing with value, profile, association and meaning of individual and collections of objects.

"Laura gathers, makes, places, arranges, manipulates, distorts and re-presented objects and stuff to create new relationships and meanings. Sometimes things are left untouched while other stuff is highly manipulated or crafted from scratch, such a bags of purchased popcorn juxtaposed with hand-modelled clay pots. The constant accumulation of objects and stuff bought from high street shops and the internet is part of the process of making her work and is reflected back in the finished pieces, often as collections."

Contradiction is clear within the work as she questions our relationship and associations with the 'stuff', whether that be those displayed in shops, homes, museums or left stranded on the pavement. To see more of Laura's work click here or visit the staff page at Goldsmiths!

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