Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The 1960s: Paper Dresses

image source, 'Waste Basket Boutique' (T.M) by Mars of Asheville N.C, USA, 1967

Marketed as 'instant fun from London' Paper dresses were a brief but spectacular 1960s sensation! They were cheap to make and very disposable and their 2-D shape was ideal for the bold graphic prints that were fashionable at the time.

Paper Dresses are often being celebrated, check out some of the links below:
Rrripp! Paper Fashion! Exhibition
Ready-to-tear fashion
Fashion! turn to the leftover paper clothes

Paper dresses have also been explored by contemporary designers, such as Hussein Chalayan with his 1998 piece 'Airmail Dress' and this article includes some comments by the designer on the work.

image source ‘Airmail Dress’, 1998, Tyvek. 119.5 x 66 cm. (47 x 26 in.) Self-produced, UK. made in an edition of 200.

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