Monday, 23 May 2011

1960s: Barbara Hulanicki and Biba

Image source, 'Skirt and Top' Barbara Hulanicki (Biba), 1968

In the early 60s Barbara Hulanicki along with her husband launched the 'Biba's Postal Boutique' the business took off and the first Biba Boutique opened in 1964 in Abingdon Road in London.  If you're looking at Biba for your project you might find the following links useful: 

Video interview with Barbara Huanicki
Work in the V&A collection
Designer Profile on the V&A website
try searching the collections on the V&A website
Biba as it is today, they also have a flashback section for a then and now!
A Biba fanpage which has an extensive collection of 1960s pieces
This video

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