Thursday, 3 February 2011

AS Textiles: Independent Assignment: Starting Point 1

Research at one textile artists/designer from the following: Mike Kelley, Cosima Von Bonin or Zannah Cooper.  You must analysis the piece of work suggested:

Mike Kelley
‘More love hours than can ever be repaid’
Please refer to the ‘links’ section to find more information on Mike Kelley

The first piece I did with stuffed animals, for example, wasn’t even about stuffed animals but was about gifts”From Interview 2009

Image Source: the book ‘Contemporary Textiles: The Fabric of Fine Art’

Cosima Von Bonin
‘Straight, No Chaser’ 2007

“Von Bonin’s work challenges the limits of the Modernist programme, taking up themes of ‘women’s’ work and conventional perceptions of feminine activity.” – From the book ‘Contemporary Textiles: The Fabric of Fine Art’

Zannah Cooper
‘British Bull’s Eye’

“Her work aims to put before its viewers an appreciation of the diversity of cultures and the intricate threads that make up cultural identity.” – Zannah’s Artists Statement

            Make notes and include the following information on each designer in your own words.

·        Background information on the artists’ concepts, ideas and themes.

·        Their use of formal elements

·        The processes and techniques they use.

·        Their influences and aims.

·        Your own opinion of their work

Deadline: Tuesday 8th February 2011

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