Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Snow Day: AS work to be completed

 Untitled (Philadelphia) by Sharon Elphick 

As college is closed today please complete the work set out below:
Research at least two contemporary textile artists/designers from the following: Caroline Bartlett, Jette Clover, Sharon Elphick

1.Select designers who produce wall-hangings based on the theme of the ‘City’ or have ‘architectural’ elements.

Also, pay particular attention to the techniques they use when making your selections and where possible choose ones who use techniques that you will be exploring yourself. For example: paper-shibori, laminating and bonding, and photo-transfer printing.

Some suggested websites
Caroline Bartlett: >selected makers>Caroline Bartlett

Jette Clover: (images and text) (text and images - a good example of an analysis of Jette Clover’s work)

Sharon Elphick: (images, CV, exhibitions and text) (Sharon Elphicks Blog)

2. Complete an illustrated analysis for each artist.

3. Make notes and include the following information on each designer in your own words.

•             Background information on the artists’ concepts, ideas and themes.

•             Their use of formal elements

•             The processes and techniques they use.

•             Their influences and aims.

•             Your own opinion of their work

 Deadline: Tuesday 7th December 2010

Extension Activity: (optional)

I have compiled a list of additional artists/textile artists/designers who have created work around the theme of the ‘City’ or have ‘architectural’ elements on the blog. As an extension task please complete an additional illustrated analysis on an artist of your choice from those listed on the blog entry. Please remember to select an example of work that best falls into the category of ‘The City’ as some of the artists listed create additional work under different themes.

Link to the particular blog entry:

Deadline: Tuesday 7th December 2010

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