Friday, 12 November 2010

Introducing 'The City Project'

'Letter Landscape 9' (2008) From Jette Clover's Urban Landscape series  

We are currently looking at a range of different artists and textile designers/artists to gather inspiration for creating work in response to 'The City' Have a look a some of the links below - most of them are for the people we started to look at in class but there are a few extra people for you to look at too!

Sharon Elphick, George Grosz, Claude Flight, Robert Delaunay, Patrick Hughes, Jan Dibbets, Fernand Leger

Textile Designers/Artists
Jean Davey-Winter, Caroline Bartlett, Jette Clover, Annette Morgan, People will always need plates, Charlene Mullen, Donna Wilson (house collection), Margo Selby (collection with people will always need plates), Freddie Robins (knitted homes of crime) Laura McCafferty, Berend Strik, Gillian Cooper (look at this blog post with photos of a city)

Clare Tough (from her graduate collection)

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