Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Claude Flight: Speed

Claude Flight 'Speed' 1922 (image source)
AS Students Task:
This is one of the pieces of work that we discussed in the lesson today. As discussed, please leave a comment on this post sharing something about this work. When you are thinking about what to write please refer to the critical/analytical framework sheets and the notes you made at the start of the lesson. If you are the first to comment then you can say whatever you wish, but if your comment is following another students please address what they have commented on as part of your comment. It may just be that you agree, or disagree, with the point that they have made - or perhaps that you can discuss the idea further!


  1. I like this lino print by Claude Flight because of the movement of the lines in the background and how the blue used for the sky also shows the colour that a building in the city would look like when it's evening. The Purpose of this lino cut was to display the busy life of living in London, it shows one of things that London is famous for and that is the red bus or maybe it's a tram.

    Mikela Henry-Lowe

  2. In my opinion the colours that the artist has used are usually quite vibrant and bright e.g red yellow and blue. But in this case the vibrant colours look bland and diluted maybe to suggest an evening or even to suggest a bad mood in this print. Anthony Conway.